A message to Stork and Danfert patients

We know and understand this is a difficult situation for you and there will be some anxiety caused by the closure of the Stork Clinic.

Vitanova is the nominated back up clinic for Stork which means in the event of the clinic closure, Vitanova will receive Stork patients’ frozen gametes and embryos as well as the medical files of patients. 

We have now received all of the frozen gamets and embryos and all medical files. The shipping went very well and we will now store everything on the same safe way.

Stork’s parent company has also made an arrangement for those patients that have paid Stork for 3 cycle packages (both IVF and egg donation) to continue their treatment at Vitanova on similar terms to those agreed with Stork1 and will continue free of charge.2

Even though we have received the storages with gamets and embryos and the patient files it can take a few week before we are ready to treat you. Your patient files must be incorporated into our database to ensure optimal traceability at all times. If you are planning to start treatment in the upcoming cycle, please be aware that this may not be possible. We are doing our best to ensure that the process runs as smooth as possible.

We have set up a dedicated email address for Stork patients.  Please feel free to contact the clinic at stork@vitanova.dk. If you are mid-cycle or need urgent treatment please contact us and put in the subject header the word ‘URGENT’. If you are enquiring about when you can start your next cycle, we will be back in touch once we receive the medical records and frozen material.

We expect our phone lines to be busier than normal and we ask to be able to deliver the best possible service that you email us at stork@vitanova.dk.

If you are planning on starting treatment within the next few months, please fill out our questionnaire https://www.vitanova.dk/en/medical-journal/ Once completed and sent to us, you can call us and book a short consultation with us. This must take place before you start a treatment with us.

Once again, we know this is a difficult time but we aim to give you the best possible care at Vitanova and we look forward to welcoming you to the clinic.

Best wishes

The Vitanova Team

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