IUI is an acronym which stands for Intra Uterine Insemination. Deciding that you want to be a mother is one of the biggest decisions you can make in her life, and therefore your head certainly sums up thoughts and questions. At Vitanova, we want to give each woman the most optimal course of treatment, and we therefore attach great importance to producing exhaustive information material that can help to clarify the process you have to go through. In our material you can therefore read everything that is worth knowing about insemination, from how our first conversation will be about your lifestyle, to how we offer pregnancy conversations when the treatment is successful. Contact us to get the information.

Download our IUI information brochure (PDF, 670KB)


At Vitanova we recommend IVF treatment if the woman has closed fallopian tubes, the man has reduced sperm count, the woman or man is sterilized, or if it has just not succeeded in getting pregnant by insemination.

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Download our IVF treatment brochure (PDF, 680KB)

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