What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture can be given before insemination or IVF or immediately after. The acupuncturist inserts needles while you lie on the couch. You relax for about 25 minutes and the acupuncturist removes most of the needles. After insemination or ovum pick-up the acupuncturist inserts other needles which stay in place for another 25 minutes.

Acupuncture gets the circulation going in the body’s energy paths, and with the points the acupuncturist chooses during fertility treatment, energy is directed toward the uterus. Some of the points affect the musculature at the neck of the uterus and soften it. In this way it is easier to carry out insemination or ovum pick-up.

You will mainly experience a feeling of great relaxation. Many simply fall asleep so it is a good idea to stay on the couch during the whole treatment so as not to interrupt the relaxing effect

When Acupuncture can Help


At Vitanova we are very good at helping women with vaginism. Many women suffer from vaginism to a greater or lesser degree and cannot go through with intercourse or a normal gynecological inspection. Our experience shows that acupuncture can help even in very serious cases. Acupuncture is given before the inspection or treatment, which is carried out slowly and with your cooperation. We focus greatly on relaxation and on the reaction patterns shown by sufferers from vaginism, and can as a rule carry out the inspection or treatment together with the cooperation of the woman.

Irregular Cycle and PCOS

If you suffer from bleeding disorders, an irregular menstrual cycle or a tendency to PCO (polycystic ovary syndrome) acupuncture can also be of help. All it demands is patience as the treatment is normally spread out over several months where the acupuncturist works intensively to regulate your cycle. In the course of treatment you will also receive information on your diet.

Reduced Sperm Quality

At Vitanova we would like to work with men with inferior sperm quality, which can to some extent be improved with regular acupuncture and dietary advice. Patience is a virtue since a longish course of treatment with regular acupuncture is necessary if the sperm quality is to be improved. In the course of treatment you will have the possibility of monitoring your sperm quality in our laboratory.

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