IVF using a sperm donor

We are experts in IVF treatment using donor sperm. We have a selection of donors kept on-site at our Copenhagen clinic or we can help you find a donor from an external bank. We support single women, lesbian couples and heterosexual couples seeking fertility treatment using a sperm donor.

Women seeking treatment with donor sperm have a number of options

IVF with donor sperm: what to expect

Step 1:

Trusted sperm banks

We work with many trusted sperm banks, including our own, as well as supporting women who seek treatment using private donors. Sperm donation is carefully regulated in Denmark, and donors must be screened for sexually transmitted diseases, as well as have their family medical history reviewed for hereditary illness.

Trusted sperm banks

Our donor sperm treatment starts at €3,735

Our treatment package includes:

  • Treatment consultation
  • Egg collection
  • Embryology
  • Embryo transfer

The cost of IVF using donor sperm will depend on your individual circumstances and your personalised treatment plan will be explained to you in more detail at your Virtual Consultation.

We have various packages available to help patients with planning their treatment costs, if you wish to find out more please view our price guide or contact us.

Things to consider

We always recommend that parents are completely open and honest with their child about how they were conceived, and we welcome visits from families with children conceived via donor treatment with us.

If you are thinking about using a private donor who will be the legal father of your child, we encourage hosting an open conversation with the both of you about how you imagine your child's future. It is important for both child and donor that you have a clear agreement in place about his role.

Legal obligations

According to the EU Tissue and Cells Directive, all clinics are obliged to report to the sperm bank if a child is born, or later develops a disease that may be inherited from the donor. This also applies to unborn children. It is very important to contact us if you are in this situation. We will contact the sperm bank, and the bank will stop using the donor until it is clear whether the issue originated with his donation.

Part of CREATE Fertility

Vitanova is part of the CREATE Fertility family, who are leaders in Mild and Natural IVF. Our team is led by Professor Geeta Nargund, a world renowned expert in Mild approaches in assisted reproduction.

Here at Vitanova in Copenhagen, we have implemented the same treatment protocols to deliver safe, affordable and successful Mild & Natural IVF to our patients from across Europe.

Your fertility journey will be personalised specifically to your circumstances, focusing on quality rather than quantity of eggs and embryos.

Part of CREATE Fertility

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We want to reassure our patients that we remain completely open to all our national and international patients, and you can continue to come to the clinic for treatment.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging time.

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