Your first step to starting treatment

At this consultation, we’ll advise you on any blood tests and scans needed to assess your fertility. These can be arranged with us or at a fertility clinic in your home country.

Blood tests will provide information on your hormone levels, and the scan will reveal your egg reserves. We also request screening for conditions such as HIV, chlamydia and hepatitis.

For male patients, we advise having a semen analysis which looks at factors such as sperm count, motility and shape of sperm. This can be arranged with us or at a fertility clinic in your home country.

If you have had treatment elsewhere or know of existing fertility issues that affect you, it may be helpful to provide us with a copy of your medical records and any other results including blood tests or sperm analysis in advance.

The benefits of a virtual consultation 

  • Discuss your fertility with one of our experienced multilingual medical team
  • You will receive a detailed treatment plan to give you the best possible chance of success
  • We'll keep in regular communication with you and answer any of your queries throughout your journey
  • Have the time to think and consider all of your options so that you are ready to make an informed decision
  • You'll still have all the benefits of a face to face Initial Consultation but from the comfort of your own home

What to expect?

We offer face to face and video/phone consultations which take place with one of our medical team. Appointments are available at various times to suit your needs.

Step 1:

Which consultation should I choose?

You need to choose your consultation type based on which treatment you are planning to have at Vitanova, either IUI or IVF. When deciding which treatment is right for you, it is important you consider all of the factors.

IUI is suitable for women with open fallopian tubes and a good ovarian reserve.

Unblocked fallopian tubes means the passage from your ovary to your uterus is clear, so the egg can make a clear journey to the uterus when ovulating. This can be checked using a HyCoSy test, which checks if the fallopian tubes are open, we recommend this before starting your IUI treatment.

A good ovarian reserve is harder to gage as each women is different, but there is correlation between age and decreasing ovarian reserve. With this in mind, for the best chance of success, we generally recommend IUI to women aged 37 and under.


IVF is suitable for all women but particularly those who:

  • One or both fallopian tubes are closed
  • Have been sterilised
  • Have had pregnancies outside the uterus
  • Have already undergone several IUI attempts without these resulting in pregnancy
  • Have a low AMH, but we still consider that there is a potential for stimulation
  • Partner's sperm is of low quality
  • Women 37 and older


If you are unsure which consultation type to book, we recommend you book an IVF consultation, as the doctor will be able to explain both treatment processes to you during your consultation. Any questions please contact us or give us a call.

Virtual consultation - €135

A consultation with a fertility specialist consultant to indicate suitability for IVF and most appropriate treatment plan.

If you wish to find out more about our virtual consultations or book your appointment, please give our friendly team a call.

What our patients say

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We want to reassure our patients that we remain completely open to all our national and international patients, and you can continue to come to the clinic for treatment.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging time.

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