Welcome to Gyneacological Clinic Rungsted Kyst

Vitanova has partnered with Gynaecological Clinic Rungsted Kyst, which will allow more people access to Mild & Natural IVF, egg donation and sperm donation treatment from Rungsted.

Most of your fertility treatment will take place locally, in Rungsted, including your initial consultation, scans and blood tests. Theatre procedures and embryology will take place at our central Copenhagen clinic.

This partnership will also allow us to refer Danish residence for gynaecological treatments.

Gynaecological Clinic Rungsted Kyst team

Clinic opening hours: 

Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 12:00

Nearest train station:

The nearest train station is Rungsted Kyst St., which is a 3-minute walk to the clinic.

Inside our clinic

To contact the clinic

If you would like to go ahead and have treatment at Vitanova Rungsted you will need to contact Gynækologisk Klinik Rungsted Kyst directly. To book an appointment please contact them directly with the email and phone number provided below

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If you are ready to start IVF treatment and wish to book your Advanced Scan & Virtual Consultation you can do this easily online.

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