What is IVF with donor eggs?

IVF using donor eggs is a fertility treatment to support women who cannot conceive with their own eggs. For some women this can be because of a premature menopause, or because they cannot produce eggs after illness or surgery. It is also recommended for women who carry inherited conditions they fear passing onto their baby.

We only use eggs that have been donated and carefully screened, and fertilise these with either a partner or donor’s sperm. The fertilised egg is then transferred into your womb. In treatment with us you have the choice of either an open-identity or an anonymous egg donor.

All of our IVF treatments can be delivered flexibly with virtual consultations via videocall, and scans and blood tests at a fertility clinic in your home country, keeping your travel time and costs to a minimum. Egg collection and embryo transfer procedures take place in our modern clinic in the heart of Copenhagen.

Who is it for?

Our IVF treatment using donor eggs is ideal for women in a variety of situations, including where:

  • You do not produce you own eggs, either because of your age or because you have experienced premature menopause
  • You have a low chance of success using your own eggs
  • You are facing known fertility challenges
  • Your own eggs carry a risk of a genetic disorder
  • The function of your ovaries has been impaired, for example in cases of cancer treatment

IVF with donor eggs: what to expect

Step 1:

Egg donor options

Many women have preferences around their donor’s height, hair colour or eye colour, and we will do all we can to help you find the match of your choice, although there can be waiting lists depending on your criteria. Egg donors must be between 18 and 35 years old. Every woman who donates is screened to check they are physically and mentally fit, and that there is no history of hereditary disease in her family. She will also be screened for HIV, Hepatitis (B and C) and Syphilis.

The same legislation and donor requirements apply to blood samples, donor evaluation and medical examinations for all types of donation except partner donation.

Anonymous donor (non-contact)

In Denmark, egg donation can be totally anonymous, which means that you and the donor do not know each other and cannot get any identifiable information now or later. The donor will stay anonymous to you and any child born from the donation

Open donor (contact)

In open donation, the donor is anonymous at the time of the donation but she gives her consent for any child born from the donation to contact Vitanova when the child turns 18 years of age. The young person will then receive more information about the donor, including her identity. You, as the recipient couple, cannot get any further information about the donor and the donor cannot get any information about you or your child.

Partner donation

We use the term ‘partner donation’ when a lesbian donates eggs to her partner, or when a man donates sperm to his female partner for insemination or IVF treatment. Lesbian couples can donate eggs to each other if there are medical grounds on which either of the women could receive an egg donation.

Double donation

This means that both the egg and sperm are donated for your treatment. This method can be offered to couples whose own eggs or sperm cannot be used in the treatment on medical grounds. Unlike egg donation, with double donation at least one of the donors must be ‘open-identity’.

Known donation

Known donation is when your donor is a friend or a family member. Donors will still undergo all the same tests and screening, and a doctor’s consultation is required for final evaluation.

What are the benefits of choosing IVF using donor eggs?

Excellent success rates Excellent success rates

Success rates for egg donation tend to be very good, as eggs are donated by healthy women who have very high-quality eggs.

Reduces visits to the clinic Reduces visits to the clinic

By choosing to send your partners sperm, or using one of our sperm donation service you help minimise your journey to just one clinic trip

Health screening Health screening

Donation is carefully regulated, and donors complete genetic and medical questionnaires, as well as blood screens.

Embryos for future treatment Embryos for future treatment

Any embryos created that are not used in this round of treatment can be frozen and stored for you to use in the future.

Reliable donors Reliable donors

We are proud to have many consistant and reliable women ready to donate their eggs at Vitanova.

Our donor treatment starts at €6,085

Our treatment package includes:

  • Clinical advice
  • Monitoring scans (in Copenhagen) 
  • Egg collection
  • Embryology
  • Embryo transfer

If you choose double donation, donor sperm is charged separately. For more information review our price list or contact us.

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