Fertility treatment options for heterosexual couples

Vitanova is part of CREATE Fertility, who are leaders in Mild and Natural IVF, with a focus on making fertility treatment safer and more woman-friendly. We offer a range of treatments and our unique approach means that we will always use the fewest drugs possible, work with your body and focus on the quality rather than the quantity of eggs. We pride ourselves on our tailored treatment protocols and our excellent success rates.

Mild IVF

Mild IVF is a form of stimulated IVF where lower doses of hormones are given for a short period in your own natural cycle with an aim to collect 8-10 eggs. Its focus is on the quality rather than quantity of eggs and embryos while maintaining excellent success rates.

Mild IVF

Natural/Natural Modified IVF

Natural IVF works with your body’s own cycle, using little or no doses of medication. You’ll be monitored through your cycle with ultrasound scans at your local clinic, so we can be ready to collect the egg naturally selected by your body. Fertilisation takes place at our lab in Copenhagen and the embryo is transferred to your uterus. Natural cycle or Natural Modified IVF are particularly suitable for women who have lower ovarian reserve, for example due to age, early menopause or where AMH is very low.

Natural/Natural Modified IVF

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IVF using an egg donor

IVF using donor eggs is a fertility treatment for women who cannot conceive with their own eggs. For some women, this may be because of premature menopause, or because they cannot produce eggs after illness or surgery. It is also recommended for women who carry inherited conditions they fear passing on to their baby. In the treatment we use eggs that have been donated and carefully screened, and fertilise these with your partner's or a donor’s sperm.

IVF using an egg donor

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

Around half of the couples who are having problems conceiving have sperm-related issues and ICSI is the most common and successful treatment for male infertility. The Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection is performed in the lab, after the egg collection and involves the injection of a single sperm into the fluid contents of the egg cell, called cytoplasm.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

Why choose Vitanova Fertility center in Copenhagen?

At Vitanova we understand that every woman is different and there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to fertility treatment. This is why we offer bespoke, tailored treatment plans suited specifically to your body.

Mild & Natural IVF specialists Mild & Natural IVF specialists

Led by world-renowned Professor Geeta Nargund, all of our medical team are trained in Mild and Natural IVF.

Experts in donor services Experts in donor services

We have over 15 years’ experience helping patients from across Europe access egg and sperm donor services to fulfil their dream of having a baby.

Scientific authority Scientific authority

Our senior medical team led by Professor Geeta Nargund work hard to remain at the forefront of the field, developing the latest advances in treatment.

Excellent success rates Excellent success rates

We are very proud to have consistently achieved excellent success rates for fertility treatment across all age groups.

Easily accessible Easily accessible

We are located in Copenhagen. We give women from across Europe access to a wide range of fertility treatments and strive to make the patient journey as simple as possible.

Part of CREATE Fertility

Vitanova is part of the CREATE Fertility family, who are leaders in Mild and Natural IVF. Our team is led by Professor Geeta Nargund, a world renowned expert in Mild approaches in assisted reproduction.

Here at Vitanova in Copenhagen, we have implemented the same treatment protocols to deliver safe, affordable and successful Mild & Natural IVF to our patients from across Europe.

Your fertility journey will be personalised specifically to your circumstances, focusing on quality rather than quantity of eggs and embryos.

Part of CREATE Fertility

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