We focus on quality over quantity

At Vitanova, part of CREATE Fertility, we advocate Mild and Natural IVF because they focus on the quality of eggs/embryos, not the quantity. There is considerable scientific evidence to show that embryos created from IVF cycles with lower doses of stimulating drugs are of higher quality than those produced in conventional IVF.

In the peer reviewed study by Baart et al. embryos from Conventional and Mild IVF cycles were compared. On first glance, in terms of number of embryos, it appears that Conventional IVF provides a better chance of success. However, when the embryos are examined in more detail for chromosomal problems (aneuploidy), a significantly higher percentage of embryos in conventional, high stimulation IVF cycles were found to be chromosomally abnormal. This resulted in a comparable number of embryos to the Mild IVF cycle.

This therefore means that all of the additional drugs, stress and costs were ultimately unnecessary; the same result could be achieved with Mild IVF.

"By using a tailored approach that focuses on quality and not quantity, Mild and Natural IVF offer an IVF experience that is aimed at protecting both the short and long-term health of mother and child."

Medical Director, Professor Geeta Nargund

Excellent success rates

At Vitanova, we understand how important success rates can be when choosing a fertility clinic.
We are very proud to have consistently achieved excellent success rates across all age groups.

Clinical pregnancies per treatment cycle | IVF & ICSI | 2021 | Vitanova

Simple patient journey

We want to make fertility treatment accessible to all women and couples from across Europe and strive to make the patient journey as simple as possible by:

  • Offering virtual consultations to discuss your fertility with our experienced medical team no matter what country you're in.
  • Advising you on local fertility clinics or doctors for monitoring scans or tests when needed.
  • Reducing visits to our Copenhagen clinic to save you time and money.
  • Our multilingual team are always on-hand to help you whatever step you are on in your journey with us.
  • Working with local hotels to help organise accommodation when you need to come to Copenhagen.

Simple patient journey

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