Insemination (IUI)

Insemination (IUI) is safe and affordable and is one of the least invasive fertility treatments. It is often the first treatment option for women with open fallopian tubes and a good egg reserve. It's also ideal for single women and same-sex couples. who need donor sperm to conceive, but have no underlining fertility issues.

Insemination (IUI) key facts

  • Ideal for single women and also same-sex couples.
  • IUI is the safest form of fertility treatment and requires little or no medication.
  • IUI is the most affordable fertility treatment.

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IVF treatment with donor eggs

IVF using donor eggs is a fertility treatment for women who cannot conceive with their own eggs. For some women this may be because of a premature menopause, or because they cannot produce eggs after illness or surgery. It is also recommended for women who carry inherited conditions they fear passing on to their baby. In the treatment we use eggs that have been donated and carefully screened, and fertilise these with your partner's or a donor’s sperm.

IVF using donor eggs key facts

  • We only accept donations from fertile healthy women, who are likely to have very high-quality eggs.
  • Our success rates using donor eggs tend to be excellent.
  • Any embryos of suitable quality that are not used in treatment can be frozen and stored for future use.

IVF treatment with donor sperm

We work with only recognised and licensed donor banks to provide our patients with the best quality sperm. When it comes to choosing a donor you will be given as much information as possible including, skin, eye and hair colour and educational background  to help ensure the best possible match. Our experienced medical team will devise a bespoke treatment plan and our donation team will help to match you with a donor or arrange to have sperm from outside transferred to the clinic.

IVF using donor sperm key facts

  • We only work with only recognised & licensed sperm donor banks.
  • All sperm donors have to be in good health and are screened for STDs and some genetic disorders.
  • All sperm has to be assessed as high quality before being approved for donation.
  • The sperm donor will not be financially or emotionally liable for any resulting pregnancy/pregnancies or baby/babies.

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Becoming an egg donor

Egg donation is the ultimate gift you can give. It takes a very special woman to share her eggs with another. Donating your eggs provides the only chance of motherhood to women who cannot conceive with their own eggs. This may be for a number of reasons including premature menopause, ovaries which are impaired due to life-saving medical treatment or surgery. Sadly, because of a shortage of donor eggs, women are often forced to wait before they match with the right donor.

Becoming an egg donor key facts

  • You must be between 20 and 35 years old
  • You must be physically and mentally healthy
  • All donors receive DKK7,000 compensation when they donate
  • Egg donation is completely voluntary and you can withdraw your offer any time before the egg collection procedure.

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