It is not known whether stress affects fertility

Failing to conceive can be stressful, but could stress and worry affect your chances of conceiving?

Many studies have been conducted in order to find out whether stress can affect fertility, but there their findings have been limited.

However, it is generally believed that very high stress levels can, in rare cases, cause hormonal disorders in women, affecting the menstrual cycle and causing irregular ovulation.

Men with very high stress levels may, in rare cases, experience a decline in sperm cell production.

However, nothing has been proven as yet.


One of the best pieces of advice we can give to anyone wanting to enhance their fertility is to get into healthy habits. A healthy and nutritious diet has an important part to play in producing energy and ensuring good health. A varied diet rich in fibre, vegetables and protein and low in fat is an excellent start when it comes to enhancing your health and fertility.

Besides a healthy and varied diet, it is also important for you to get 30 minutes of exercise every day and sleep for at least seven hours a night.

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