I was 32 when I left my last relationship. It was at the same time that it became possible to undergo assisted fertilization as a single person in Sweden.

My longing was great at the time. I had everything I could imagine - A house, car and dream job. The time was right. I decided to become a mother on my own.

In Sweden, I queued up to receive treatment on my own. After eleven months, I was approved, but it would take another year before treatment could begin. I found a forum on Facebook for women who want to become mothers on their own, and was told about Vitanova. They said it's possible to get the treatment county council-financed in Denmark through the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (compensation for planned care abroad).

Although my fertile conditions for the moment were good, I did not venture. I contacted Vitanova. Within a week, we had had an initial Skype call and since all blood tests and recommended examinations were already done in Sweden, treatment could be started immediately. I sat down on the train from central Sweden already at the next ovulation.

At Vitanova, I was surprised by the clear process. Something I was not at all used to in contact with healthcare in Sweden. The treatment of me as a single woman was also unique. They have many years experience in dealing with and treating women on their own who wish to become parents and I felt very cared for.

I am forever grateful to all the staff at Vitanova for giving me my long-lost child. My daughter is eight months today and in the spring we are expecting a sibling.

Thank you for being there and thank you for helping me realize my dreams and giving me my family. You are fantastic!


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