I am a Swiss, 32 year old single lesbian and a mother of a healthy and happy 5-month-old little boy. Simply put, without Vitanova, the latter would not have been possible!

But Vitanova was more like a means to an end. It has always been clear to me that I would like to have children, but that is not so easy to do if you live in very conservative Switzerland. That's why I researched years ago and informed myself how, despite all these difficulties, I could fulfill my dream. The years passed and I did not find the right partner, but my desire to be a mother did not dissipate. At the end of 2013 it suddenly clicked, I was still single, but somehow I am at a point where I could imagine being a mother - even alone. If I did not at least try to get pregnant, I would regret it all my life - that's for sure. So I changed my diet, started taking folic acid and had all the necessary medical reports taken by my gynecologist in Switzerland.

I then contacted Vitanova. During our phone conversation everything was discussed and I realized immediately that they do not unnecessarily give you hope to cash in at all costs, but are really interested in making the wish for a child come true. Even though I did not like to hear the truth at that moment, honesty lasts longest after all. From then on, I could always go past! Of course it was a little bit more complicated than it sounds now. Now it was time to go on a diet, do sports, observe my cycle carefully, enter holidays accordingly and book flights and hotels as soon as possible. 

The premises of Vitanova are far from being labeled as a clinic. Antique doors, creaky wooden floorboards and immediately you almost feel at home. In the waiting room the many photos and birth announcements of Vitanova babies filled me with hope and it was always interesting to read the messages of people from all over the world in the guestbook if you had to wait a bit. Nevertheless, I was so nervous on my first visit I was not sure if I would really do it! But then I was warmly received by Hanne and she told me everything I need to know, so my nervousness vanished quickly. Rosie did the rest with a nice talk and some well placed needles. Soothing sounds and as much time as you need in a comfortably furnished room and the idea of ​​being in a clinic has completely evaporated. The whole 'process', as clinical as it may be in comparison to the normal way of getting pregnant, is made as pleasurable as possible.

And this experience has been repeated on every one of my visits (all good things come in threes), so Vitanova is not just the clinic that helped me get pregnant. Somehow the clinic and all the employees who I got to know during my visits, belong to my rather unconventional family. Even through the pregnancy and even now, I am in contact with them and they are always happy to hear from us and one day, when my little man is old enough, we will certainly visit them sometimes ... - Natascha

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