Sperm quality less than ideal in one in four Danish men

Poor sperm quality could mean that up to 15% of men will find it difficult to make their partners pregnant without fertility treatment, and that 25% may have to wait a fairly long time before pregnancy becomes a reality.

A lot of advice is available on how men can improve the quality of their sperm. They should avoid wearing tight trousers and applying direct heat to their testicles with a computer, for example. However, very few researchers are of the opinion that these factors have any genuine impact.


However, large population surveys reveal a number of other factors. If there are no direct medical or genetic reasons for poor sperm quality, a wide range of lifestyle factors may have a part to play.

Smoking results in poor sperm quality, as does excess weight. Very obese men generally have poorer sperm quality than men of normal weight.

Researchers have found that among men of normal weight, 24% had low sperm quality and 2.6% had no viable sperm. Among overweight men, 25.6% had low sperm quality and 4.7% had no viable sperm. Among obese men, 32.4% had low sperm quality and 6.9% had no viable sperm.

Diet also plays an important role, but not just in terms of weight. Men who eat a lot of fat often have poor sperm quality.

That said, there is a lot you can do to improve the quality of your sperm

  • Exercise
  • Do not smoke
  • Avoid carrying excess weight
  • Avoid fatty food
  • Exercise restraint when drinking alcohol 
  • Make sure you sleep well 

This advice is very similar to general advice on how to live a healthier life, so you will feel better and improve your general health as well as improving the quality of your sperm.

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